UFO Crashes Off Okinawa, Japanese Navy Secures Area, Releases Photo

According to the site In Other Newz, Nippon Television reported December
5th that “an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO, went down off the coast of Okinawa,
an island at the southern tip of Japan. Several news crews, along with police and
emergency vehicles, rushed to the scene just in time to see the UFO sink into the water,
according to multiple sources.”

Japanese Navy officials have released the first ever photo of the UFO that
crashed off the coast of Okinawa yesterday. The photo appears grainy and somewhat
unclear since the vessel is submerged underwater but clearly shows a power source
still glowing brightly atop the aircraft’s dome.

“We wanted to release this photo to the world and confirm the reports issued yesterday,”
said Japanese Navy spokesman Yoshido Hari. “This picture will give credence
to what some of our citizens living on Okinawa witnessed yesterday. We clearly still
have many days of salvaging ahead of us but we will take our time and bring the aircraft up
in one piece. We must preserve the object as much as possible.”

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